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April 20, 2009


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Dr. Charlotte Staggs

This is very interesting. My great-grandmother was Black Dutch. She was said to be quite a presence as well.



Thanks for your article here. I am planning to put up a website about my great-grandmother, a 'Delaware Moor' (= Indian). I have a fair amount of info on her, and her presence was felt in our home when I was growing up. My mother was practically raised by her grandmother so it is no wonder. Nevertheless, it was all a hush-hush secret, and the 'cover' was that she was 'Irish.' I came across your link on the Black Dutch site. I will be posting there when I get my site up. Another part of the same family - ie the man my great-grandmother married - have Groots living in northern NJ - a Ramapough (Black Dutch) name and location. So, it seems to bear out the theory that these lines weave together more frequently than people may imagine. Good luck with your research. ~ karen/kasturi

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